Online Kentucky Death Certificates

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Oct 06 2008 at 4:51 pm
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Hilltop is pleased to announce the availability of an electronic Kentucky Certificate of Death template to all our Death Care Website subscribers!  Hilltop is the only Death Care Website provider in Kentucky offering this service! 

This Certificate of Death template allows you to create Kentucky Certificates of Death without the need for a third-party program or a typewriter!  Just log into your Hilltop account and click the "Create Kentucky Certificate of Death" link.  A blank Certificate of Death will open in a new window.  You can then fill in all the details right on your computer screen, then print the certificate, sign it, and it's ready to mail (see notes below)!  No tedious typewriter work, and no need to buy an expensive third-party software package!  You can even save the completed certificates directly to your computer's hard drive for future reference!

This Certificate of Death has been approved by the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics!

This feature is just another way we provide our customers with the best website services available!



  1. Requires Adobe Reader 9 software (free download at
  2. Follow all rules established by the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics when submitting Certificates of Death.  Hilltop is not responsible for rejected submissions.
  3. This Certificate of Death is provided by Hilltop.  Hilltop is not affiliated with the Kentucky Office of Vital Statistics.