New Feature: Guestbook Word Filters

Posted by Administrator (admin) on Feb 15 2012 at 4:51 pm
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We are pleased to anounce a new feature, Guestbook Word Filters, which allows you to specify a set of words that, if present in the guestbook entry, prevent the guestbook entry from being submitted.  Several users have complained of spam/inappropriate guestbook entries, so we have integrated this feature to help you manage this issue.

To set up word filters, log into your website's administration console, then click the Advanced Settings button in the top Orange Bar.  Click Website Settings.  You will see the new Word Filter boxes at the bottom of the Website Settings page.

Enter each word you want to block in the first box.  Make sure each word is on a separate line (i.e. press Enter after each word).

In the second box, enter a message which will be displayed to the user if he/she enters one of the words in the filter box.  We have pre-filled this box with a generic message.  You can modify this message as you see fit.

Click the Save button and you're done!  Your guestbooks will now be filtered to prevent entries containing the specified words from being submitted.

Please note that the filter checks partial words.  For example, if you enter the word "test" in the box, any word containing the letters "test" will be assumed to be a match, and the user will not be permitted to submit the entry.  For example, "testing" and "brightest" would trigger the word filter.

To prevent links from being entered, we recommend entering the following lines:

These three lines will prevent any clickable links from being created within the guestbook entry.  Note the third line is a "less-than" symbol and lowercase letter "a".

If you need help or have suggestions regarding this feature, please contact us.